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Trip Planning

Terms of Service

Cab Booking:

 a) We are a booking agency and not a transportation provider. We facilitate the booking of cabs with various providers in India.

b) Full payment for cab bookings must be made prior to the start of the journey. However, we recommend that clients make part payment and pay the remaining amount at the end of the journey to ensure a safe and satisfactory service.

c) We cannot guarantee specific models of cabs. We will provide the type of cab that is mentioned in the itinerary, but it may vary depending on availability.


a) Cab bookings should be made through an itinerary that clearly mentions the pickup and drop-off locations, the route, and any other details necessary for the trip.

b) Any changes in the itinerary must be communicated to us in advance so that we can inform the driver and make necessary arrangements. Additional charges may be applicable for changes made during the trip.

c) We are not responsible for any extra expenses incurred due to changes in the itinerary that were not communicated to us beforehand.

Driver and Cab:

a) We will make all efforts to ensure that the driver and cab provided for the journey are safe, reliable and licensed as per the regulations in India.

b) In the unlikely event of the driver not being able to complete the journey, we will make our best efforts to provide a replacement driver and cab, subject to availability.

c) The client is responsible for any damages caused to the cab or its contents during the journey. Any such damages will be charged to the client at the actual cost.


a) All bookings are subject to availability and confirmation by the cab provider.

b) We reserve the right to refuse any booking.

c) These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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