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Jaw-Dropping Journeys
Our Best-Selling Packages

Floating village in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Vietnam Odyssey

A Journey Through Time and Culture

Trees and Mountains


Himachal Heights

Discover the Serenity of the Himalayas

Beautiful Nature


Andaman Bliss

Explore the Tropical Paradise



Dubai Majesty

Experience the Unmatched beauty and luxury of Dubai

Outline of Mountains

Our Story

Star Vacays is a travel agency founded by Vasu and his like-minded friends during his MBA at NMIMS, Mumbai. As passionate travelers, they realized that many travelers seek more than typical tourist destinations. They wanted to create unique experiences, connect with locals, and immerse themselves in different cultures. Star Vacays was born out of this idea - a travel agency created by travelers for travelers. We provide personalized travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary, while promoting responsible tourism. Join us on a journey of discovery and adventure. Experience travel like never before with Star Vacays.

Our Services

flight booking

Seamless flight reservations tailored to your preferences.

visa services

Effortless visa assistance for a smooth journey.

cab booking

Reliable cabs for hassle-free transportation.

hotel booking

Convenient accommodations for a comfortable stay.

Bus booking

Affordable and convenient bus travel options.

Experience is too good.

Driver was good at behavior and driving skills, destination perfectly choosen by star vacays and hotel mashaallah like we enjoyed alot. Views from all the destination hotel was very good. Package inclusion perfectly satisfied our complete tour.


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